The United States Kajukenbo Association strives from one thing: the leadership abilities of an individual through the outstanding proficiency of demonstrations, humbleness, encouragement, and positive motivation. These are some of the qualities we look for in the leadership positions of the United States Kajukenbo Association.

As with every leader, each person has his or her own strategy of teaching which is okay. We do not want to change you or the way you teach. All we want is to simply bring together a community of individuals that share the same interests. In the end, however, for leadership, all comes to one focal point which is the individual’s quality of learning resources and the willingness to learn from the student. Keep in mind, there are also standards we uphold in the USKA for all leadership positions, which are:

  1. Honesty, loyalty, and trust
  2. The pursuit of positive motivation and influence
  3. Knowing yourself and your students ability Being confident
  4. Ability to deliver clear and concise directions
  5. Proficiency in demonstrations Building encouragement
  6. Establishing and succeeding common goals with your peers
  7. Excellent listener A consensus opinion